This website contains information relevant for the ASM 2016 workshop “Do-it-yourself microbial genome sequence analysis”, as well as links to the presentations that are part of it.


    1. Introduction (Michelle Giglio)
    2. [Hands-on] Start_CloVR (W. Florian Fricke)
    3. CloVR introduction (W. Florian Fricke)
    4. [Hands-on] Run CloVR-Microbe (W. Florian Fricke)
    5. [Hands-on] Run CloVR-Comparative (W. Florian Fricke)
    6. Genome assembly and annotation (Michelle Giglio)
    7. Comparative genome analysis (Cesar Arze)
    8. [Hands-on] Comparative genome analysis in Sybil (Hervé Tettelin)
    9. CloVR Future Directions (Cesar Arze)
    10. Examples of comparative genome analyses – Part 1 (Hervé Tettelin)
    11. Examples of comparative genome analyses – Part 2 (Tracy Hazen)
    12. [Hands-on] Activity Packet 2016
    13. [Reference] Manatee tutorial



  1. Michelle Giglio:
  2. W. Florian Fricke:
  3. Cesar Arze:
  4. Herve Tettelin:
  5. Tracy Hazen: