CloVR currently supports the following sequence analysis protocols with wide application in microbial genomics. Each protocol consists in a pre-installed software pipeline for automated and reproducible sequence data processing.

    • CloVR-Microbe supports automated whole-genome assembly, gene finding and functional annotation of 454 and Illumina sequence data.
    • CloVR-16S supports automated 16S ribosomal RNA sequence analysis for microbial community composition studies.
    • CloVR-Metagenomics supports taxonomic and functional classifications of metagenomics shotgun sequence data.
    • CloVR-Comparative supports comparative genomic studies taking advantage of the Sybil to allow for interactive exploration and visualization of microbial genomes.


Other Protocols:

- CloVR-Human Contaminant Screening
- CloVR-Metagenomics Assembly
- CloVR-Alignment using Bowtie