A beta release of the CloVR virtual machine (VM) is available for download. We will update this page with new releases on a regular basis as we release updated versions of the CloVR VM.

Beta releases and release candidates (-RC) are under active development, contain bugs, and are primarily for testing. Users should be especially careful when running on the Cloud and monitor pipelines closely.

Visit Getting Started with CloVR or watch the screencast for more information about different ways to use CloVR, e.g. local CloVR installation and cloud-only mode.


CloVR installation:

1. Download and install Virtual Machine player to launch CloVR VM:

  • VMware, free for Windows, Linux/Unix
  • VirtualBox, free for Windows, OS X, Linux/Unix

2. Download CloVR VM

3. Follow step-by-step tutorial for CloVR installation using VMware or VirtualBox.


Basic requirements to run CloVR:

  • At least 2GB of RAM
  • At least 10GB free disk space


The CloVR VM images are 64-bit and about 2 GB to download. The download section provides links to a .vmdk image for VMware and a .vdi image for VirtualBox. The raw disk image can be booted in Xen or mounted as an ext3 file system.

Latest release: Oct 10, 2014 clovr-1.0-RC6

Cloud-only mode

Read about Cloud-only mode to run CloVR on the Cloud without a local virtual machine
The AMI for the latest release of CloVR 1.0-RC6 is: ami-84803dec