VirtualBox CloVR Install

Note: Users with Virtual Box – version 4.0 or later, see CloVR on VirtualBox 4.0+

To install CloVR on VirtualBox, you’ll first need to download and install VirtualBox. Then download the latest CloVR VirtualBox/VMware Image. When these two steps are complete, open VirtualBox and click File > Import Appliance from the main menu.

On the “Appliance Import Wizard” screen, click “Choose” to find the OVF file that is included in the standard CloVR download.

VirtualBox should show the OVF file you selected. Click “Continue.”

VirtualBox should now show the default CloVR settings.

Click “Done.” After clicking “Done,” you should see the “Importing Disk Image” progress bar. This may take a while depending on your computer setup. Once finished, you should see your CloVR virtual machine in the left pane of the VirtualBox welcome screen.

If you click on the CloVR VM in the left pane, you’ll see detailed information about the VM on the right side.

Important. Check and configure shared folders on the Troubleshooting CloVR on VirtualBox page.

When ready, make sure the CloVR VM is selected and click the “Start” icon. VirtualBox will start CloVR in a new window.

Click “OK” or “Capture” for the prompts asking if you want to capture the mouse/keyboard input for the VM window. You can click out of the VM window or use the keyboard shortcut at any time (this will not shut down CloVR). If the VM starts successfully, you should eventually see a screen similar to the one below:

There are a few known issues in terms of shared folders and networking. For more information, or if you’re having trouble getting CloVR up-and-running, please see the Troubleshooting CloVR on VirtualBox page.