Access modes for using CloVR

As a default, CloVR is installed and run locally as virtual machine (VM). Use of cloud computing resources is optional and managed by the local CloVR VM without direct user interaction with the cloud. CloVR can also be run directly on the cloud in cloud-only mode.

Run CloVR locally with optional cloud support

To install CloVR and run CloVR protocols, download the latest CloVR image and follow the instructions on the Running the CloVR VM page.

Run CloVR using the cloud-only mode

Cloud-only mode will allow users to run CloVR over the Internet, directly on the cloud server, using a web browser. The cloud-only access mode automatically builds private clusters on cloud computing resources to run CloVR protocols. Cloud-only mode requires an account with a supported cloud provider. Documentation is currently available for running cloud-only mode on EC2 with documentation for other cloud platforms coming soon.

The Background page provides additional information on Virtual Machines and Cloud Computing.