Amazon EC2 Keys

Use of the Cloud is optional but can help improve performance for some protocols. WARNING: When using the Cloud, care must be taken to terminate your cluster after completion with vp-terminate-cluster to avoid excess usage charges.

To use the Cloud, the CloVR VM must be configured with a set of  credentials using the vp-add-credentials command.

To use Amazon EC2, download your EC2 credential files (certificate and private key files), go to the Amazon AWS site, select “Account” from the main menu and click on “Security Credentials.” Follow the instructions to generate the necessary files. These credential files should be dropped into the “keys” folder found under the directory where your CloVR VM was extracted:

Once these keys are in place the vp-add-credential command can be executed using the following syntax to create a credential profile that will be used by the pipeline:

vp-add-credential --cred-name=<CHOOSE_NAME> --ctype=ec2 --cert /mnt/keys/<CERT KEY>
--pkey /mnt/keys/<PK FILE> --devel=/mnt/keys/devel1.pem

A credential will be created that can be referenced using the value set in the “cred-name” parameter and can be used across multiple pipeline executions.

Troubleshooting: For this command to work the “keys” folder has to be mounted correctly. Check with “ls /mnt/keys/” if the contents of the “keys” folder are accessible from within the CloVR VM and use the Troubleshooting pages for Virtual Box or VMware player to set up shared folder.