The Developer section is for advanced users wishing to modify or adapt CloVR for specific goals.

If you’re interested in using CloVR, please start with the Getting started.

CloVR is a virtual appliance that runs locally on a desktop or laptop and can  provision additional resources dynamically in the Cloud.

CloVR includes a command line and web services API that supports provisioning virtual clusters, data transfers to/from the cloud, and executing workflows. The API documentation is currently deprecated and will under-go a complete overhaul in the future

CloVR utilizes an automated build process (using the Buildbox VM) that simplifies building and deploying virtual appliances.

The build process supports customized appliances to meet specific needs by using recipes

CloVR was built by a team of developers and we thank all that have contributed to the project including: Sam Angiuoli, Cesar Arze, Kevin Galens, Aaron Gussman, Malcolm Matalka, Stephen Mekosh, David Riley, James White, Mahesh Vangala.