IGS has been working to get the DIAG up and running.  One portion of the DIAG is a cloud implementation using Nimbus.  This week we fired off our first big test on the DIAG, a pretty massive BLAST run.  The platform is still in testing but CloVR-Search ran just as expected.  The pipeline automatically scaled to the full 32 instances available.

DIAG is a free academic cluster that will include an EC2-like Cloud environment thanks to the Nimbus software.  The CloVR virtual machine is designed to be portable across clouds and has been run on Amazon EC2, Argonne Magellan, and the DIAG.

Here is a screen shot from Ganglia:

CloVR On Diag

CloVR Running A BLAST On The DIAG

Here is a screen shot showing the day view.  You can see the autoscaling, it is the red line in the top left graph.

CloVR on DIAG, day view

A day view of CloVR running on the DIAG

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